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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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From the get go, you know this is Samsung competing with apple, and they are not backing down.

The samsung Galaxy offers a brilliant OLED infinity screen with superb visuals.

You will not find a better and bigger phone than the latest Samsung Galaxy S9.

Admittedly it looks a lot like last years previous Samsung Galaxy S8, however don’t let this dieter you away from the fact, this device is on a whole new level.

After spending some time with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, it’s hard to fault it.

The S9 plus is the most stylish and sleek device on the market.

Samsung have added a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, very similar to last years model, however the S8 Plus fingerprint was a pain to scan – Most the time making a lovely smudge on your devices camera rather than unlocking your phone. The S9 Plus improves on this by aligning it to the centre of the devices back.


9.5 Total Score

Samsung knows what they're doing when it comes to releasing the most powerful phone on the market.

  • Sleek design
  • Amazing screen
  • Very easy to use
  • Incredible Camera
  • Design looks like previous Galaxy devices
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