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iPhone X

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Apples Latest Mobile device release

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Having the new iPhone X isn’t just about owning the latest powerful phone on the market, it’s also a fashion statement.

The iPhone X changes the way apple phones are designed by offering a complete slimline feel and being the first iPhone to not offer a home button, many users have wanted something different from apple for years not and it’s safe to say.. they delivered.

Not only has apple redesigned the phone, iPhone X user’s will get to use new software allowing the users to unlock their phone with their face, along with this being able to use the new facial animoji feature and the new tap to wake.

With the new bottom hot bar, it’s never been so easy to swap between apps, all it takes is a swipe of the finger.

Not only has the software improved on apples latest device, but so has the camera, this is perfect for all you Instagram stars out there!

9 Total Score

Apple has pulled out the big guns with the the new iPhone X, and it's going to be difficult to beat this phone

  • Sleek Design
  • Brillant Camera
  • Face Emoji's are Great fun
  • Face ID is spot on
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